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      Because of the special work of the security company, the security guards patrol and stand every day and work very hard. To ensure that a security officer has enough time to rest every day is not only a guarantee of the quality of security work, but also a significant aspect of caring for security personnel, maintaining team stability and promoting the normalization of team building. But at present, security guards work overtime, and the phenomenon of fighting fatigue is very common. It is not suitable for the security work to fight fatigue, which is obvious.
      Security work is different from other jobs. Security guards should concentrate every moment on their duty and be vigilant, just in case, to ensure the safety of the service units. If the rest is not good, when depressed, affect the security work in the image does not say, if there is a problem, can not be found in time, the consequences are properly handled, as can be imagined; secondly the security work itself is boring, but also consume energy, if we cannot guarantee that every day there is enough time to rest, long-term fatigue, it is easy to cause the security guards aversion to security work mood, affect the team stability.
      The cause of security guard work fatigue may be many, but the main may have the following three aspects: one is some service units of the leadership work is not deep understanding of the security, that security guards after the Gang after the idle time is more, always give the security guards to arrange some chores to do. As a security guard, in order to units and service relationship, many times only call;
      The two is some management cadres to the security guard work schedule arrangement is not reasonable, the training method is wrong, the front is too long, inadvertently give security guards caused mental and physical burden, affecting the security guards rest; three individual units according to "labor law" the relevant provisions and from work arrangements, the security guards work time is beyond the statutory working hours.
      We should start from the long-term interests of the team, start from safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the security guards, arrange the rest time of the security guards properly, and eliminate the fatigue phenomenon, so that the security guards can work in a good mental outlook and ensure the safety of the service customers.





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